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Web Design Perth: Top 50 free video sharing sites

Here are 50 Top Free video sharing website where you can submit your video to get tons of traffics.
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Video Sharing Site Page Rank
Google Video 9
BrightCove 8
PhotoBucket 8
YouTube 9
DailyMotion 8
iFilm 8
Break 7 7
GrindTV 7
Metacafe 7
Myspace 9
Vimeo 7
BuzzNet 6
LiveLeak 6
Stupidvideos 6
Flixya 6
GoFish 6
Kwego 7
Lulu 6
Pandora 6
Viddler 6
MyHeavy 6
PutFile 6
StupidVideos 6
Vmix 6
ZippyVideos 6
CastPost 5
Dotv 5
Famster 5
Gawkk 5
Tubetorial 5
MeraVideo 5
Porkolt 5
VideoWebTown 5
Vidmax 4
ClipMoon 4
MotorsportMad 4
ThatsHow 4
ClipChef 4

Web Design Perth: Video Seo

Any search engine optimization (SEO) expert worth his or her salt knows that getting a first-page Google result is harder than ever. Google’s search and indexing algorithms keep getting more complex, and the fact that most searches now return “blended” search results, with videos and images pushed towards the top of the first page, traditional web results are having a harder time competing.
All is not lost.  Forrester Research has found that videos are 53 times more likely than traditional web pages to receive an organic first-page ranking. So… make videos! The first way is simple – make a video and submit it to YouTube. You’ll quickly be indexed into Google’s search engine. However, anyone who clicks on a YouTube result is taken to YouTube, which is fine for branding but not for driving traffic.
Instead, try video SEO. Read this interesting article HERE..

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Web Design Perth: 10 Excellent SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Web Design

A great website design is important to any business trying to find success online, but if a website doesn’t have a chance at good search rankings, very few people may ever get to see it. To avoid having a website that is not search engine friendly, you simply need to take into consideration some basic SEO principles and good content development practices.

As a web designer, ..... more at sixversion

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Friday, 25 March 2011

Web Design Perth: Some Effective Ways to Get Quality Backlinks to your Blog or Website

It is a known fact that having backlinks increases the ranking of website or blog on the search engines, and forms an important aspect to your search engine marketing strategy. The only reason that backlink generation is effective is that links control the web. They are also important to every webmaster. Especially after advent of Google, SEO gained importance and backlinks became a major element. Following are some of the ways in which you can get quality backlink generation for your blog/website:
  • Article Marketing: Article marketing has always been considered the best and most effective ways to get quality back links to your website or blog. While making use of article marketing it is important to submit your articles to reputable and quality article directories. This will help you have an authority in the search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing & Social Networking: This is one great and yet not so used method that you can use to get quality backlink generation for your website. Because social networking sites have high page rank it flows to your account with them. These also allow you to add links to your website and other sites in your bio. By making effective use of social bookmarking and networking sites you can get lots of quality backlinks to your website or blog.
  • Press Release: Press Release websites are yet another way of getting quality backlink generation to your website. Press release sites supply content to lots of smaller sites and these get easily picked up by new sites. In simple words, if done properly press release websites can get you the exposure and quality backlinks that you need for your website. While writing press releases make sure to choose newsworthy and attractive title as this will attract more readers. The more readers you have, the better it is.
  • Link Exchange with Web 2.0 sites: One of the traditional yet most trust worthy way of attracting backlink generation is through link exchange. It works in its own way as it helps you get rankings with the help of keywords. It is suggested that when trying to get quality backlinks through link exchange you should have  a separate website as this will make you more secure and help you getting penalized by the search engines.
  • Document Sharing Sites: Submitting your articles and ebooks to document sharing websites is yet another way of getting quality backlinks. Not many people in the backlink generation like to use this method, but many of document sharing sites are trusted by major search engines and can help you get quality backlinks
  • Guest Blogging: Another popular way to build quality one-way backlinks is through guest blogging. This method lets backlink generation have high quality and authority backlinks because most blogs you will be guest posting are trusted by Google over time and they don’t publish duplicate content. Blogs have high pagerank that will work in your benefit.
  • Blog Commenting: it is generally believed that blog commenting cannot used to get backlinks. But the fact is that blog commenting is an effective way of building backlinks.
  • More advanced techniques also include viral marketing strategies and video marketing strategies to name just a few.
It must also be noted that quality backlinks will help you have better SEO, which in-turn means better traffic and more business for you!

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Web Design Perth: Few more Free Australian directories

Few more Directories you can list your business.
Don’t forget to have your ABN, contact details, a paragraph on what you offer and a 2 line summary ready for the listings. You should also have a list of keywords that are related to what you offer.
  1. GumTree
  2. Easy Biz
  3. Australian Local Search
  4. Aussie Directory
  5. Web Find
  6. Live Pages
  7. Aussie Web
  8. Street Corner You can choose Western Sydney or Eastern Sydney
  9. I Need To...
  10. Our Patch
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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Web Design perth:30 Inspiring Design Agency Websites

In this post, we’re showcasing a collection of design agency websites to let you see how agencies and firms are presenting themselves to potential clients. When choosing a design firm to do a project, it’s extremely important that you get a good feeling from their website. It’s important that you feel confident in the type of work they do. If you like the style of their website, it’s a good possibility that you’ll like what they can do for you.

Cuban Council


DKNG Studios


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Monday, 21 March 2011

Web Designers Perth: Free Instant Approval Article directory list

Article marketing is the one of the best ways of One way link building. Here are few Instant approval article directories for you. Happy Submitting !

50 Instant Approved Article Directories :

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50 Instant Approved Article Directories :

Read more at:
Begin your article marketing with these  Instant Approval Article Ditectories. If you know more , please feel free to add in this list.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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